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operation hours
Mon-Fri 06:30-22:00 (close time 14:00-18:00)
Sat,Sun,Holidays 06:30-10:00

inquiry : +82-2-6466-1051 ~2

location: 2nd floor

Located in the 2nd floor, Restaurant & Bar Patio is a complex space where you can rest and enjoy meal and beverage. It’s an urban rest area for busy businessmen, featuring well-being lunch buffet and dinner buffet with various finger foods served with wine, draft beer, and soda.

We also have chic and cozy private room that can accommodate 10-40 people. It’s the best place for your valuable meeting and important business; we can guarantee success in your business.

Breakfast buffet (06:30~10:00)

International buffet serving bread, yogurt, cereal, egg dishes, juice, coffee, etc
19,800 KRW

Lunch buffet (11:30 ~ 14:00)

Use only Buffet
Choose of 2 Main dishes(Beef or Fish)

※50% discount on draft beer and event wine if you have the buffet.

25,000 / 33,000KRW

Dinner buffet (18:00 ~ 22:00)

Snack buffet (Casual buffet mainly serving side dishes) + raclette cheese+Choose of 2 Main dishes(Beef/Fish) + limitless draft beer, event wine, soda, juice

Set Menu

Aset : 77,000 KRW / Bset : 58,000 KRW


A la Carte
3 types of appetizer; Smoked Salmon with Yuza Sauce, etc. 13,200 KRW
3 types of soup; Mushroom Cream Soup, etc. 7,700 ~ 8,800 KRW
3 types of salad; Chef’s salad of the day, etc. 9,900 ~ 14,300 KRW
4 types of Pasta; Seafood Spaghetti, etc. 16,500 KRW
3 types of Fish dish; Grilled Mero with Teriyaki Sauce, etc. 25,300 ~ 27,500 KRW
4 types of Meat dish; Premium Beef Tenderloin Steak, etc. 22,000 ~ 27,500 KRW
5 types of Sandwich; Ham & Cheese Sandwich, etc. 14,300 KRW
5 types of Oriental & Korean dish; Ginseng Oxtail Soup, Curried rice, etc. 16,500 ~ 24,200 KRW
Dessert; various pie, cake, ice cream, seasonal fruit, etc. 7,700 ~ 8,800 KRW
Various types of tea , including coffee and fresh fruit juice. 7,700 ~ 11,000 KRW
Alcoholic beverages; Draft beer, International beer, Cocktail, Wine, Whiskey, Cognac, etc.
Side dishes; Smoked Salmon Roll, Beef tenderloin chop steak, etc. 22,000 KRW ~ 38,500 KRW

※ Rate is inclusive 10% VAT.